project thesis section one and two

My course is Integrated Capstone – Master of Health Administration.

Project Thesis – Section One

Develop and write section one of the Project Thesis.

Title this section, “Career Goals”. For this section to be effective it needs to discuss:

1. How you understand the work in the masters program preparing you for your future career goals

2. How your work history has prepared you for your future career goals

It will be necessary to reference your personal profile information done both at the time of admissions into the masters program, as well as the up dated profile completed in Module 3. The information collected for the competency assessment gap report also done in Module 3 may be needed for this section too. Using these sources along with your personal analysis and reflection, this first section of the Project Thesis should represent a comprehensive discussion of what your careers goals are and how you formulated these goals to achieve your professional objectives.

Project Thesis – Section One

Project Thesis section two is the second assignment for Module 4. Title this section, ” Proficiency Status”. This section deals with your current management and leadership competency assessment. The basis for this section is the information collected in the competency assessment gap report conducted in Module 3. Reviewing what was learned from that report, you are to develop and write this second Project Thesis section that details your assessment of your current performance proficiency of the five leadership and management domains as presented in the ACHE materials. To be successful in this section, it should include:

1. An analysis of your current performance proficiency for each of the five ACHE leadership and administrative domains

2. An analysis of current performance proficiency based upon a review of the course work done in the masters program

3. A comprehensive discussion on your proficiency status based upon the information gleaned from the sources listed above

Please See My work Module 3 iI attached.

Also I attached my classmate work LOOK at it and do same him. but please don’t copy.

Please on the time.

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