powerpoint 5 rs of logistics emergency amp disaster management

– Powerpoint Presentation.

– 5 Rs of Logistics (Please expand beyond beyond just reading them. Explain what each R really means).

– 15 slides with notes speaker for each slide.

– APA Style.

Overview – Logistics

Logistics is loosely defined as the process of assembling, dispatching, transporting, and handling resources in support of the people and processes of the mission. Tracking resource movement and use is critical. This week we will introduce the importance of the process, define and describe the process, identify 7 key elements and discuss obstacles in the logistics chain during disasters and MCIs.

Worthwhile Short Video

This is an excellent overview of what logistics is all about,


Note – This link appears to be down. For the time being, use this one. It is business oriented but does a good job of describing the basics of logistics.


Logistics 5 Rs

This comes directly from the Youtube video I suggest you watch.

RIGHT PRODUCT: Product when designed properly will greatly facilitate logistics if certain levels of standardization in the measurement which will assist with packaging, warehousing, handling, and transport easier.

RIGHT CONSUMER: Creating awareness to customer about product and services. Market research targets correct customer. Marketing strategies would be selected per budget. This assures the right person is identified.

RIGHT QUANTITY: If the demand is not met than money will be lost. If excess is in warehouse than expenses will increase. There must be a balance as to not create excess inventory and just cater to the current demand.

RIGHT CONDITION: Safe delivery of the proposed product. The quality should be maintained until it reaches the end user. The distribution strategy should be in preserving the quality without increase costs.

RIGHT PLACE: The demand for your product may vary depending on geography and demography and other factors. Certain areas might have greater demand for product. Once product is chosen a distribution strategy that would satisfy the demand oversupplying or undersupplying the product.

RIGHT TIME: Timing is essential, even if all the other essentials are complete, timing can cause process to fail. An example of having the product on the shelves in stock to meet the demands. If the demand is not met then the competition will get the product. A schedule needs to be followed.

RIGHT PRICE: Pricing is essential on all products and services. There must be an appropriate value in order to track income and expenses. Systems must be in place for service and updating to ensure success.

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