positive psychology discussion

1) A good friend of yours hears you are taking a course in “positive psychology.” He/she has never heard of “positive psychology” and asks you to tell him/her what the course is about and when and why psychologists became interested in the field. Contrast the issues of particular interest to positive psychologists with those coming from the medical model approach.

Write at least one paragraph–or more (in your own words)–where you explain what the field of psychology is about, making sure to distinguish this subject area from others in the field of psychology as well as from some information presented in the popular media that mention “happiness”-related topics. In addition, explain why there is a need for a careful study of issues related to the field.

2) Then, in another paragraph or more, inform your friend of what you are most hoping to learn in the course, given the topics that are covered in the subject area, and explain why those topics most interest you. Be sure to select at least two topics that you think would be of most interest to you. Explain what each topic is about—to the best of your ability and in your own words.Identify at least one question that you have about each of those topics.

*Minimum 150 words each paragraph*




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