poet and critic

The writing assignment for this week involves two parts. Complete both parts as a single Word document.

  1. In the reading this week, you are exposed to various styles of poetry. In the spirit of literature, write a rough draft of your own poem, haiku, or sonnet. You can choose to write about love, friendship, family, boats, a shopping mall, or any other subject that you choose. Follow the style of one of the poems from your reading and model its rhythm and form. You do not have to be restricted to a rigid rhyme scheme. You can write in free verse if you choose.
  2. Now that you’ve written a rough poem, it’s time for you to analyze a work of literature. Follow these steps:
    1. Find a poem or sonnet by Emily Dickinson, William Shakespeare, John Donne, or Edna St Vincent Millay.
    2. Write a summary of the poem. Refer to some of the rich details in language and style of the work. At the end of your summary, write one or two sentences where you include a comment about the poetry from your reading this week. Your summary should be at least one paragraph in length.
    3. Next, write your personal reaction to the poem. In your reaction, describe how you were affected or touched by the work. Your reaction should be at least a paragraph in length

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