please follow the dance assignment and the rubric watch the five dance video that i have attach below compare them and write

please follow the dance assignment and the rubric, watch the five dance through the link:…compare them and write Essential part in the assignment :


1. Describe what you see – then say something about it.

2. Say what you noticed. Don’t hesitate to say the obvious, but go on to say something deeper

about it.

3. Make connections and/or conclusions about what you see

• Compare what you see to other things that the reader may know. Use simile and metaphor

• Talk about the beginning, middle and/or end of the piece

• Talk about one work or many

• Analyze:

4. Talk about the parts (details) and how the parts relate to each other

5. Use details from the works, and go so far as to say something about how those details say

something larger.

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