please do paraphrase for the following

Please do paraphrase for the following and do not change meaning

Technology is becoming an essential tool when it comes to marketing your business. Table in Fairfield, Connecticut can improve in terms of performance as compared to the previous Year 2017, the use of technology is the best solution for this. There are different types of software that support live chart and they create a platform where the existing or the potential customers can directly ask questions about the table and they get an instant reply and this will convince the sales of the Table in for Fairfield, Connecticut. This software is cost effective and the sales will automatically improve because will be able to reach more customers hence more revenue which will translate to more profit. One on one marketing can really improve the performance of table in Fairfield, Connecticut. This will require more marketing personnel but the advantage of it is because of the convincing part whereby the sales personnal are able to convince the existing and the potential customers of the new model of table available and be able to buy hence increasing the revenue brought by the tables.

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