plastic water bottle

Plastic is one of our most pressing environmental challenges. If you laid the number of Plastic Water Bottles used in the world each day end to end, they would reach to China and back FOUR TIMES EACH DAY!

Plastic is a man made substance. It takes up to 4 human LIFETIMES to bio-degrade once it is placed in a landfill. The plastic we use in our lifetimes will OUTLIVE US in most cases! Plastic is everywhere! On our freeways, in our oceans, in the environment.

Watch the videos I’ve made available to you this week.

Explain in detail how EACH of the 5 R’s- Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink can be utilized to cut back on the amount of plastic in the environment. How can we survive without plastic in our lives?

In what ways can we remove plastic from the environment altogether before it gets there? How will we remove or clean up the plastic that is already out there?

I am expecting one well thought out paragraph for each “R”. After addressing each “R”, analyze your own use of plastic.

How much plastic do you use each day and how can you PERSONALLY cut back on the amount of plastic you use?

You should have one paragraph for each “R’ and another paragraph for your own use of plastic = 6 total paragraphs.

Upload your assignment here.

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