physics lab report 56

Lab Title (1 pt)

Objective (3 pts):

In 1-3 sentences, describe the objective of the lab. What are you trying to measure or what theory are you trying to prove?

Equipment (2 pt):

List the equipment used in this lab.

Procedure (3 pts):

In your own wordswrite out the procedure. Feel free to use the lab manual as a guide, but you muststate the procedures in your own words. Write out the procedures as individual steps.

Theory (5 pts):


Description/discussion of the underlying theory.

  • Equations you are using. What is each equation describing? What do the variables in each equation stand for?

Data/Results (5 pts):

Include here any (all items below are not always created for every lab)

data tables



percent error calculations

standard deviation and standard error calculations

Note: When you include data tables please recreate the data tables in this document using a chart. *DO NOT* just take a picture of your written data table you created in lab.

Interpretation/Conclusion (5 pts):

How precise was your data?

How accurate was your data?

Did your data agree with the theory?

Back up or explain your answers to the above questions!

  • What were possible sources of error in this experiment? (Note: student or user error is not a reasonable source of error, this means that you personally have done the experiment incorrectly).

please no plagiarism, I will check.

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