perspectives in the social sciences

Your third longer-term assignment in this course is a presentation or short paper in which you will share your question derived at the end of your observation journal in learning block 4-3 *** ATTACHED** and discuss why it is important and how developments in the social sciences contribute to our understanding of ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

This final reflection will assess the following course outcomes, which you focused on throughout Theme 4:

● Investigate major developments in the progression of social scientific thought for informing critical questions that drive social scientific inquiry

● Articulate the value of the social sciences for their impact on contemporary issues


Your third project is a short paper that explores the question you posed at the end of your observation journal. With that question as your topic, you will explain why the answer to it is important to understanding yourself, other people, and the world around you and how the social sciences have developed to help us answer these important questions. The critical elements of this assessment will be evaluated by the information in your paper. Be sure your actual question is apparent on the paper.


Question for a Social Scientist

As a social scientist, I would seek to establish an answer to the following question:

How can information possessed by individuals be aggregated to make the best decisions?

Decision-making is a critical component in the determination of the content, the target market as well as the medium used for promotional activities. It is crucial that the management of a company is fully aware of the market as well as the information available in the market to establish adequate means for inclusion and presentation of adverts directed to particular individuals to arouse their desire for the company’s product. Information is critical for the decisions of individuals as well as potential consumers. They make decisions based on the availability of information hence there is a need for the aggregation of information and the views of various consumers for the creation of an advert that could adequately appeal to the target market.”

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in your submission:

I. Explain why your question is important to you as a member of society.

II. Detail the major developments in social science thinking that drive questions regarding studying the individual. Use course resources to back up your discussion.

III. Explain how finding the answer to your question might impact others around you. For instance, who might be most invested in the answer?

IV. Detail the major developments in social science thinking that drive questions regarding studying others. Use course resources to back up your discussion.

V. Explain why studying human behavior and identity is a valuable human endeavor.

VI. Detail the major developments in social science thinking that support the study and advancement of the social sciences as necessary and valuable.

**** ATTACHED*** 1. In learning block 6-3, you submitted a micro-presentation or short answer response to give you an opportunity to practice elements of the final submission. For this assignment, you reflected on what you considered to be some of the most significant developments covered in Theme 3 and addressed the following:

a. Identify the developments and how they impact individuals or larger groups/cultures.

b. Describe how the developments changed society’s understanding. How is the development applicable outside of the social sciences?

Please use the Final Reflection Submission Checklist

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