peer responds 3

There is not a minimum or maximum of words, however, your posts must exhibit a well thought out scholarly posts and responses. You are also to “avoid quoting” material, as that will not help you articulate and synthesize the material. The purpose of your peer review is to not scrutinize your peers’ writing (e.g., spelling errors, etc.), but to comment on what you found informative (be specific) and offer further knowledge you gained (e.g., additional interventions, ways of coding and justifying a diagnosis, etc.). Note: comments like, “I agree with you,” “good presentation … learned a lot,” or “That’s a good idea” does not reflect critical thought and are not scholarly. By providing critical thought you will prevent your grade from being reduced.

Students are required to respond by posting their scholarly responses a minimum of two times during the week. One of your two posts (hopefully you posted more than two 🙂 ) needs to be based on your review of another teams’ or individual’s case study post. The other post can be replying – as long as it meets the standards of the assignment/rubric—to a peer’s response to your own case study

1.You are to come up with one initial post.

2. Then respond to two peers, I will attached two team papers one of those teams will be my team.

3. Use 2 reference for each post.

4. This is a total of 3 posting in all that should have 2 reference each.

5.The initial post can be about abnormal behavior. Make sure that are separated.

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