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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

The clinical nurse leader (CNL) is an advanced and innovative clinician whose education is at the level of master’s degree. It is essential that the CNL have a graduate education because they are assumed or supposed to convey a high level of clinical competence and knowledge to their places of work and point of care. They are also supposed to collaborate, function and remain imaginative and resourceful to the hospital’s nursing team. A CNL is having a master’s degree, with nursing as a major, which helps the individual in preparing the CNL graduates for advanced roles (AACN. 2013).

The clinical nurse leader (CNL), role are centers on fostering and sustaining a culture of safety for the patients and families entrusted into their care. The responsibilities or roles of the CNL designation are focusing on overseeing the care coordination for the patients, as well as evaluate risks, development of the quality improvement strategies, facilitating communication between the members of the team, and implementation of the evidence-based solutions or elucidation at the unit level. Other roles include preparing the nurses for clinical leadership in various healthcare systems as well as practice settings. CNLs also help in designing, implementing, and evaluating nursing care while outcomes results are in the protection of the patient. Their general role is engaging in the transformation of the health care system by providing quality patient care. CNLs influence direct patient care whether they are in the community or the hospital. One such example is by being active in providing direct patient care in some complex situations. Most of the CNL is likely to be at bedside carrying out analysis of the data with the intention of improving patient health. They are also accountable or responsible for the consequences (Hix, McKeon, & Walter, 2009).
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