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Assignment Instructions: Create a Restaurant – You will work in groups to create a new restaurant. This restaurant is not to be a chain restaurant and can be located anywhere in the world. Each group is responsible for deciding the: theme/concept, design, sales & marketing, menu, service style, estimated costs, estimated revenue, target market, and policies. This project will utilize the same topics/concepts taught in this class in a real-world simulation style project. Your job is to apply the concepts into an idea that would work as a legitimate restaurant operation.

  • Theme & Concept (40 points): Each restaurant will have a unique theme and concept. What type of restaurant will this be? What foods will you offer on your menu? Who is the target market? Everything should center on the theme and concept. The theme and concept needs to be clear and concise. You should be able to support why your group selected this theme and concept.
  • Design (40 points): Design includes everything from color scheme, restaurant layout, and any other design elements such as: linens, lighting fixtures, décor, place settings, etc. The design must relate back to or coordinate with the theme and concept. Your final presentation should have a design board that shows everything selected for the restaurant and the layout of the restaurant. Points will be based on creativity, design consistency, relation to theme and concept, and completeness of design.
  • Marketing (50 points): A marketing plan and strategy is needed in order for a restaurant to be successful. Your group must outline the marketing plan and the strategy. The marketing must fit with the theme, concept, target market, etc. Your presentation needs to include sample marketing pieces. Marketing is more than saying you will use social media, you have to say how and what you will do to use social media. For example: We will have a promotional contest on Instagram to gain followers where someone can win a free dinner for 2 for sharing the post and tagging 3 friends in the original post. You will need to provide AT LEAST five different marketing strategies that you will utilize and approximate costs for each marketing strategy.
  • Polices & Procedures (50 points): Part of running and operating a successful restaurant requires having policies and procedures in place for your staff and business. You will submit in writing on the day of your presentation at least 10 (2.5 points/each) policies and 10 procedures for your restaurant. Your presentation needs to include at least 5 policies and/or procedures and support the reasoning for those policies/procedures. These policies are to be original and not copied from an online source.
  • Viability & Practicality (40 points): Does your restaurant make sense? Could it be profitable and successful? Does the target market match what you have created?

Paper Guidelines:

  • At least five pages of content, no less than 7 pages total (cover page, content, and reference page).
  • Written using APA formatting—Times New Roman, sz. 12 font, double-spaced, include page numbers in the top right corner and running header.
  • Include appropriate headings to divide different segments of the paper by topic areas asked of you in the assignment
  • If outside references are utilized, please make sure that you include all citations (in-text and in the reference list).
  • Make sure to proofread your work! Grammar and spelling issues will be graded accordingly.
  • All information must be detailed.
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