pairing sources and arguements

In Exercises 1 to 4, you completed worksheets to learn about the historian’s tools: primary sources, secondary sources, and arguments. For students of history, small questions are useful to analyze sources, to write historical examples, and to build arguments.

There will not be more worksheets. The rest of the semester, I encourage you to use small questions as part of your thinking and writing processes.

When you approach a primary source, for example, ask yourself when, where, and by whom it was created. When you read a secondary source, ask yourself what is the author’s main idea. Include the answers in your notes and incorporate them in your writings. They will provide valuable content for your assignments.


In Weeks 6 and 7, you will be writing in public forums. The goal is to learn from each other. Learning here means to see how other students use the historian’s tools to get their own original ideas across.

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