Assignment Scenario 4







Jordan is a 29-year-old African American male who was on the front lines in Afghanistan for two tours of duty in the Marines. He receives medical services at a Veterans Administration hospital. He has 14 years of education and has been married for 6 years with two young children. Jordan suffered an injury to his lower back after jumping from a high wall during his second tour of duty. An MRI has revealed several bulging and herniated lumbar discs.







Jordan has persistent pain throughout the day, which varies from bad to horrible. He claims that he is always in pain since his injury occurred. At this time, surgery is not recommended, but the current approach by his medical team includes large doses of an opioid pain medication and physical therapy. He believes he has become dependent on the medication and, when he does not take it, his pain is “totally out of control.”



 Behavioral Health Information




Jordan is 6’5” tall and slightly overweight. Appetite is normal. Sleep is very disturbed by constant awakening due to his pain. He was referred to a sleep disorders center at the VA, and results of a sleep study indicate that he is only averaging 4 hours of sleep per night. Sexual interest has diminished due to pain and the effects of his medication. He tries to walk around his block several times per week, but can only walk short distances before pain sets in. He has a favorite recliner where he spends much of his day, reading or watching TV. He does not smoke or drink alcohol. Caffeine use is moderate. His social network is reduced. and he misses some of his buddies from the military, who do not come to visit him often. His marriage is strong, but because his wife must work full-time for financial reasons, he stays home and cares for their children. His level of depression is moderate to severe, and he feels like “less of a man” because he cannot work and contribute. He is very isolated, and his mood is depressed and pessimistic about the future. He has not been seen by a mental health professional.


You are a volunteer research associate at a local Veteran’s Administration hospital.




Read the University of Phoenix Material: Week Four Assignment Scenario to learn about Jordan. 




Write a 1,200  +word paper discussing the following:




Atleast three methods used to assess pain, including cognitive, behavioral, and self-report methods


The psychosocial components of Jordan’s pain problems


The evidence-based physiological, behavioral, and cognitive intervention methods you would recommend to improve functioning and reduce pain




Include a minimum of four scholarly references.




Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. mAKE SURE CITES ARE apa FORMAT PLEASE


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