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Daysi seems to be completely unmotivated and has no plans to meet job expectations. This is the time when her direct manager should have a one on one conversation to find out what is exactly happening with her. In that conversation, manager should probably ask if she has a clear understanding of her job, if she knows what her duties are, and he/she would review with employee an action plan to monitor her behavior and tasks for the next few days to see if there is an improvement. The key is to find out what are the factors that are making her feel unmotivated and see whether she is motivate by pleasure or to avoid pain. However, if the issue with Daisy is due to the fact she does not feel there is not room for growing within the organization, manager should work on building her confidence. The greater a person’s belief in their own power to influence an outcome, the more likely they are to succeed with a new challenge (Pignatelli, 2015). It is imperative to find out how she really is to unleash her truly motivation.

Motivation is one of the areas that managers and leaders should be masters at, but it is one of the most challenges for any leader inspiring an organization. Survey of workers have reported equally distributing findings: 73 percent of employees said hey are less motivated today than they used to be, 84 percent said they could perform significantly better if they want to, and perhaps most shocking of all, 50 percent of workers said they are putting only enough effort into their work to hold onto their jobs (Spitzer, 1995).

It is Daysi’s manager responsibility to put her back in track to where she needs to be, and more importantly it is to find what motivates her, is it money, compensations, benefits, punishment, family? Managers should try to find a connection to see what it matters to employees. Not only the manager has to be able to increase Daisy’s motivations to complete her due duties coming in the next two weeks, manager/leader must be able to maintain Daisy motivate for the long run. The impact of short-term motivation has been described as “much like the effect of eating a dougnout… when the sugar high wears off, very little is left in the system” (Spitzer, 1995). Manager’s homework is to find out what is there to be done to maintain and sustain high levels of motivation for her and everyone in the organization all the time.


Pignatelli, A. (2015, Sep). 4 ways to motivate your employees. Green Industry Pro, 27, 1. Retrieved from https://search-proquest-com.proxy-library.ashford….

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