no plagiarism everything must be original

Please do not use any old information from a paper you wrote a while back. I recieved an failing grade because my professor pulled up another paper similar to the one I paid for. 75% of it matched. So please do not use any information from a previous paper you wrote.

Topic is going to be Abramoff, Jack.

You must make a POWERPOINT slides for my poster board.

This research paper should contain a minimum of 12 double-spaced pages of text. The title and reference pages are NOT included in this total. 1) Summary – For each case, include details about the company or companies involved, the key employees and their roles, and the crimes and/or regulatory violations alleged. [2-4 double-spaced pages]

2) Ethical issues – Explain the major ethical considerations in the case and how decisions were made by the employees. To what extent did the employees understand the ramifications of their decisions that led to criminal and/or regulatory violations? How did they justify their decisions? [2-4 double-spaced pages]

3) Criminal justice system response – Describe the investigation conducted by law enforcement and/or regulatory agencies, plea negotiations between attorneys, other court proceedings, and the punishments levied (e.g., fines, jail or prison sentences, market sanctions). What changes would you recommend for the investigative agencies to prevent or control future cases? [2-4 double-spaced pages]

4) Theory – Pick one of the theories below and apply to your case. Summarize the major elements of the theory and major theorists, and then explain how the theory can be used to account for the crimes and/or regulatory violations in the case. [3-5 double-spaced pages] – Strain/anomie theories – Social control/social bond theories – Social learning/differential theories – Self-control theory

5) Policy implications – Describe the federal or state policies that were in place to restrict the alleged crimes/violations in this case. What were the major limitations or gaps in those policies? What changes to existing legislation or creation of new legislation would you recommend to prevent cases like this in the future? [2-4 double-spaced pages]

6) Final Summary – Summarize the major elements of the paper, as well as lessons learned during this capstone experience. [~ 1 page] 2 You can use a variety of academic sources, including journal articles, books, and edited collections. You are required to use a minimum of 10 academic sources, at least 5 of which must be refereed journal articles in criminology and criminal justice or related fields. You may use newspapers, and news magazines, but do so only for background information. Those do not count as academic sources. If you have questions about the appropriateness of a source, ask me.

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