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a.A hotel has two wings, an east wing and west wing. Each wing has 4 room maids working 7 hour shifts to service rooms each day. The east wing has 40 standard rooms, 12 luxury rooms, and 5 suites. The west wing has 50 standard rooms, 10 luxury rooms. The standard time for servicing rooms are as follows:

Std room: 20 min

Luxury room: 25 min

Suites: 40 min

In addition, an allowance of 5 min /room is given for miscellaneous jobs such as collecting extra items for the room or dealing with customer requests What is the productivity of the maids in each wing of hotel. What other factors might influence the productivity of the maids?

b.A new machine requires an investment of $500,000 and will generate profits of $100,000 for 10 years. Will the investment have a positive net present value assuming that a realistic interest of 6%?

True or False. Which answer below makes it T/F.

c.There is a relationship between cycle time, stages, and the total quantity of work involved.


  • The smaller the total quantity of work and the smaller the cycle time, means more stages.
  • Each stage has the same total quantity of work
  • Each stage comes out as a whole number after calculation.
  • Cycle time is expressed in time/unit.

Which one would you choose for the correct answer to this question?

d.There are job designs that have more emphasis on managerial control. Which one below falls in this category the most?

  • A.Team working
  • B.Behavioral Approaches
  • C.Ergonomics
  • D.All of the above

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