need help with a multiple choice midterm exam online

Hello, below is a description of the midterm exam. It NEEDS to be completed IN AN EXCELLENT MANNER, SO TRY YOUR BEST! (90% or above). Attached are images that will help you navigate the site. The online textbook for this class can also be sent to you.

The midterm exam will consist of four managerial (the accounting cycle chapters are excluded) chapters. RENAME THE FILE LIKE THIS: SHINDEOMIDTERM. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS EXACTLY AS WELL, I WILL ASK FOR A REFUND. You will have two hours to finish the multiple choice part which must be taken starting on March 14, 2019 and finished by 11:59 pm that day. Once you start the multiple choice part you must finish in one session. THIS MEANS THAT ONCE YOU OPEN THE FILE, THE TIMER WILL COUNT DOWN. There will be no other opportunity to take the multiple choice part. Please remember that this is an exam which means you must complete the work on your own. No help from any one and do not work with any other student(s). You may use your textbooks and other study materials posted on this Blackboard site. The link to the multiply choice exam and the Excel problems will be available here at the appropriate time.

The textbook will be provided to you, and as mentioned above, feel free to use any of the online content in order to answer the multiple choice. PLEASE ask if you have any questions. Attached are some images showing how to navigate the website. On MARCH 14TH (UNITED STATES TIME) is when the exam is due, so get the exam done in one sitting and submit it directly.

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