my class is quot religion 120 world religions quot 1

My Class is ” Religion 120 – (World Religions) “.

I need tutor to handle this class for everything such as Discussions, Answers, Reply to Student, Quizzes, Tests, Articles, and Final Exam.

The class start from March 21, 2019 to May 25, 2019.

The class has 15 modules. I already completed 5 modules. Only 7 modules remaining.

Important Notes:

– There are specific dates for each Discussion, Answers, Reply to Student, Task, Quiz, Tests, you must adhere to.

– You must to complete a Module or Task after 3 days only from post day.

– High scores are required in this class..

– Most of the tasks on the Canvas.

– Number of attempts for Discussions:: Only One Time.

– Number of attempts for Quizzes:: Only One Time.

– Number of attempts for Test:: Only One Time.

– Tasks must be completed in order.

– High scores are required in this class..

< Syllabus >

Religion 120 – (World Religions)

Instructor Education: Ph. D. Philosophy, Marquette University. M. A. Philosophy, San Diego State UniversityInstructor: Dr. Matthew D. Wion

Office Hours: Virtual Office hours online via Chat or Zoom Fridays starting 2/22 930am to 1030am

Textbook & Readings:

Stephen Prothero, God is not one

A Few online short readings

Course Description

This course introduces students to the teachings, rituals, history, and influences of the worlds enduring religions. Religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Islam, Judaism, and Confucianism will be treated at some length.

Course Objectives

A. Differentiate between rituals and symbols of the various religions studied.

B. Demonstrate an understanding of the civilizations that produced these religions.

C. Compare and contrast the cultural differences within the religions presented

D. Describe the significant conditions and contributions of these religions to their societies.

E. Develop an informed perspective on the various religious traditions

F. Compare and contrast the information and ideas which generated the background, belief and values of these traditions.

Grades are made up of the following assignments:

Weekly Discussions

Weekly Quizzes

Short Paper

Final Exam

Grading Scale: I use a standard grading scale and do not employ a curve. The grading scale is as follow:

Introduce yourself: 5 points

Quizzes – 70 points (5 points each)

Final Exam – 30 Points

Discussions 70 points (5 points each)

Paper – 20 Points


Plagiarism Statement:

Under no circumstances will plagiarism be tolerated. Please realize that I know about many free paper web sites and I use anti-plagiarism software. If I catch you plagiarizing, you will get an automatic zero on the assignment. In addition, further action may occur—automatic failure of the class, withdrawal from the class, suspension, or expulsion.

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