movie the fast runner answer three questions

You should watch the movie(I found it for 5$ Onl),

consists of your answers to the following 3 essay questions. Your specific answers to Part 2 should be based on the information you collected while watching the video, and from the previous Hunting and Gathering/Band Type Political Organization notes. Be sure to read what follows thoroughly in order to complete the assignment successfully.

1) What relevance andvalue does the movie “The Fast Runner” have in relation to Soc/A 105.

2. What characteristics of hunting & gathering / band type political organization are shown in the movie? PROVIDE 3 specific examples (1 paragraph for each example) of hunting and gathering, band type political organization as depicted in the movie, and YOU MUST explain each example within the anthropological framework discussed/provided in class lecture. (PLEASED REFER TO YOUR NOTES AND TEXTBOOK for definitions and characteristics of hunting and gathering, band type political organization, oral tradition, and for an anthropological context if you are confused (BEFORE OPENING AND ATTEMPTING TO COMPLETE THE ONLINE MODULE).

3 (One paragraph) Explain how Oral Tradition relates SPECIFICALLY to the “The Fast Runner” video and conclude by sharing what you think is the “Moral of the Story”?

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