mike mulvaney white house chief of staff

The Assignment:

– Pick a position in the United States Government and write a paper on that position (i.e. President, Vice President, Secretary of State, cabinet head, Head of FBI, Supreme Court Justice, or any other position).

In your paper you should:

  1. Describe the role, explain what does this person does and the sources of this person’s power (i.e. Constitution or another law or bill), who does this person share power with, who does this person report to / who provides a “check and balance” on this position?
  2. Explain how the role is filled (i.e. appointed or elected and the process).
  3. Who is the current person in this position and provide background information about this person and major goals / initiatives this individual has in this position.
  4. Is this person affiliated with a political party? What role does that play in this position (i.e. with election or appointment, with how this person carries out their duties, with decisions the person makes, with accountability)?
  5. What are the major issues confronting the person in this position currently?
  6. What is your opinion of this person and why?
  7. Based on your research, what are the major impacts in history of this position and explain.

Length and Style:

Your paper should be in APA format and double spaced. Your paper should include a cover page, three (3) written pages at least, and a works cited page.

Sources: You must use at least 4 credible sources.

  • All 4 sources must be either secondary or primary sources and are credible sources from either library books or library databases. Wikipedia and Google are NOT sources. You must use at least one (1) chart, graph or other form of visual medium that you interpret / explain / comment on in your paper.
  • Please use the librarians – they are eager to help you with your research. Include citations for ALL sources you use. A separate works cited page MUST be included, along with short form citations within the paper. As a general rule you should have at least one citation for every paragraph except the introduction and conclusion.
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