miguel de cervantes don quixote

In Cervantes’ masterwork, the dichotomy that is Don Quixote’s personality is evident. He is an enigma throughout the book. There is no definitive conclusion as to whether or not he is indeed mad or just feigning madness.

General Instructions

Briefly discuss your thoughts about his madness and his sanity. Is he really mad? How do you explain the end of the narrative, where Quixote apparently abandons his quest just as Sancho and Samson wish it to continue? Why does melancholy pervade the narrative? What might Cervantes be telling us about the real and the imagined? Quote and cite the text to illustrate your points.

Be sure to provide quotes from Don Quixote to illustrate and prove your points, followed by the correct MLA citation within the paragraph AND in a separate work cited page using MLA citation. Your Response should be at least 300 words in length, using correct grammar and spellcheck. Use plagiarism checker as well to ensure accuracy and that the work is indeed original.

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