michaelangelo amp marcel dunchap differences and similarities

The objective of this discussion is to help you understand the meaning of art and how it changes through time.

This forum will provide you a medium for your development of critical thought and collaborative work. It is important that when you express your opinion you do it from a well-documented point of view. You can only do this right by reading and managing the information.

Go to

Links on Michelangelo





Read on Michelangelos Work and life. It is important that you read about the following works: the David, the Pieta, Tomb of Julius II (Moses and the slaves), Ceiling of the Sixtine chapel and its altar with the mural: The last judgement and the dome of St. Peters Rome. You can also read about Michelangelo from your text book.

Then go to:

Links on Marcel duchamp



Read about Marcel Duchamp, his ready -made’s and innovations.

Compare this two-important artist. Look for similarities: were they both traditional for their times, were they both innovators for their time? How are their art work different or similar? How did they affect the path of art history? Give your opinion: who do you believe to be of greater importance to art and its history and why? Make sure to document your opinion.

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