marketing strategy 36

1. Write up a brief description of your business/offering (1-2 paragraphs) and a working mission statement.

2. For Square 1, your target market, create two (2) distinct customer avatars.

3. For Square 2, your message, give your business/offering a name and create your USP (unique selling proposition).

4. For Square 3, select a medium that suits your business/offering and write a sample advertisement.

5. Fill in the first three squares in your 1-Page Marketing Plan

6. For each of Squares 1 through 3, write up a brief (300- to 500-word) description of your process and reasoning for making the decisions you made. Considering this is the “first draft” of your 1-Page marketing plan, include for each of the three squares some of the challenges you faced or may still face in making the necessary decisions to complete it. What if any, further information do you believe you need to finalize the square?

Submit two (2) documents to the drop box – one with your 1PMP Canvas (#5 above) and one with your write-up (#1-4 and 6, above). The write-up should be double spaced. APA and MLA styles are preferred, but any recognized style is acceptable. Otherwise, use 12-point type (Arial or Times New Roman), with 1-inch margins all around. Make sure to appropriately cite/reference sources and include your name and the name of your business on the document.

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