mario sanchez writing

I’d like you to watch this film on Mario Sanchez. It’s at:

Your task is to write up a 1-page (double-spaced) response to this film. I’d like you to look at the film in relation to what we’ve been reading about ethnicity in the United States. Think about how the painted woodcarvers of Sanchez are relevant to a point that Amitai Etzioni makes about people of Spanish heritage in the United State in the article “Inventing Hispanics” on pages 211-6. You might find some other concepts in our readings that are relevant to something that is in the documentary that relates to his artwork.

One point to consider is how Sanchez’s artwork is connected both to the culture of Cuban-Americans as well as to the history of the United States. What is something in the film that Sanchez represents that opens up some new understandings of the experiences of Cubans in Florida?

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