mangerial communication final paper


Analyze a contemporary managerial communications issue.

You will produce a written report as well as a PowerPoint presentation about the report.

Regardless of the selected topic, the report must maintain a sharp focus on the theory, concepts, and vocabulary of managerial communications. Your topic choice becomes the object of the research; that is, your case study provides the real world situation that allows you to demonstrate that you can apply the theories and concepts to real situations. Refer back regularly to the course objectives to keep yourself on track. In other words: the events you describe are not the subject of the report. Rather, they are the means for you to illustrate and apply managerial theories and concepts. Your report should demonstrate the role that effective managerial communications has in promoting opportunities for business development.

Choose from the following topics for your project:

The Impact of Social Media on the Quality of Organizational Communications

Impartial Managerial Communications: Communicating within a Diverse Workforce

The Deterioration of Articulate Messages: The Organizational Consequences of Being Misunderstood

A Conflict Management Policy for Dealing with Miscommunication that Ignites Loss of Productivity and Motivation

Key Factors in Establishing an Effective and Efficient Communication System

Successful Communications Skills for Mediating, Negotiating, and Settling Grievances

Creating Organizational Communication Policies That Provide Articulate Intergenerational Communications

Communicating Practices for Managing a Worldwide Virtual Workforce

Ethics and Communications

You should provide a statement of purpose and an indication of the direction of your research in the opening paragraph, and your report should be of appropriate depth as well as unified and cohesive. You should draw clear and logical conclusions based on theories and concepts. Your report should be written in complete, well-constructed sentences with precise grammar, word choice, punctuation, and spelling. Your writing should be sharp, coherent, and clear.

The report must fulfill all stated requirements and include 2500 to 3000 words of con­tent (approximately 10 pages). Preferred fonts are Calibri 11-point or Arial 11-point with 1-inch margins. The work must have a coversheet and “References” page in addition to its content pages.

PowerPoint Presentation of your project. Your slides should support a presentation of 8 to 10 minutes, suitable for a business gathering in which the organization’s management team has assembled to hear a summary of your research. The tone of your product must be business formal.

Your PowerPoint presentation, which should consist of no more than 8 slides, should contain per­tinent facts that you would like to share. Do not put the research paper or paragraphs from the paper on the slides; your slides should include main ideas and highlights. Follow accepted PowerPoint style.

Need the following seperate from the paper

Outline, Powerpoint presentation, a professional two- or three-paragraph summary detailing any considerations associated with a formal presentation on this topic.

Consider issues such as:

The mix, level, and type of audience

Delivery tips, including nonverbal ones

A plan for the type of presentation

Use of visual aids

There should be 4 seperate attachments

Will be submitted to turnit

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