making it personal pt 2

Can you offer us a discussion of these claims?

Millions of people die each year because of some diseases that could be prevented. – What diseases specifically are people dying from that could be prevented? In what countries is this a problem?

Globally, health issues have been a problem to most countries as witnessed by the growth of the rates of deaths from some of the non-communicable causes. – What non-communicable causes? Explain please and tell us where these deaths are an issue?

The expansion of international trade in the past decades has introduced new health risks. International trade has resulted in the introduction of a complex international distribution chain thus increasing the potential of global outbreaks because of foodborne infections, poor quality pharmaceuticals, and the contaminated consumer goods (Global Health, 2019). – Where has this proved to be an issue? For example in developing counries or developed countries? Is the cuase a lack of regulations and regulatory agencies with effective procediures?

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