literature 6 pages in length kindly read instructions before biding please i need someone who understand what is needed

I am having difficulty with an essay (5-7 pages to be exact i need 6 pages) for Introduction to literature. I have gathered some material but cannot seem to put it together. Attached find 1 handout on children’s literature, 1 set of instructions, what I started gathering. The Only one thing I did not send is a book “I Was a Rat”. (please find it online) You need to read it since its part of the paper and also put it in reference page. The book isn’t long. Fast readers can get it done in 1hr. I hate reading so it took me 3. No. The Book is a twist on Cinderella. Kindly find it.


kindly please before you start make sure you read instructions carefully and understand them please.

Follow each and every instruction in the instruction document.

Ensure there is no plagiarism, no grammar errors

Provide a high quality work no good English and proper sentences

Thank you.

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