lesson 2 positive psychology 1


Now that we have met, let’s all choose a person who we feel is a very happy, positive person. The person chosen must agree and volunteer to participate. 1. Ask the person if s/he feels that we are correct … and then 2. Ask the person why or why not. 3. The professor will explain and elaborate further with positive psychological concepts, theories, and research.

Unbound Initiative Work:

Choose from one of two topics. Provide a brief summary of the article of choice. Upload your final summary.

Choices: 1. “How Your Brain Works” by Freudenrich and Boyd, and 2. “How Brain Mapping Works” by Nasr.

The focus will be on synthesizing the material, on highlighting the main points, and on considering the consequences of the findings to happiness and well-being.

3. Professor will introduce positive psychology advocate and lecturer, Shawn Achors’ work,

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