journal joining a community of readers robert alexander

Choose 10 reading in (joining a community of readers) Robert Alexander

1.summary(According to author in her/he reading title main idear(in the Article)2-3 stence summary.

2.what do you know about what reading talking about- 1 paragraph

3.your judgment -1 paragraph

For example(1.According to Rebecca J. Donatelle in her article “Your Psychosocial Health”, psychotically healthy people are mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually resilient. For mentally healthy people, they are likely to react in a positive way even things do not go as expected. For emotionally healthy people, they are able to respond in an appropriate manner to some upsetting things. For socially healthy people, that have a wide range of social interactions with family, friends, and acquaintances. For spiritually healthy people, they develop a connectedness within themselves, to others, to nature, and to a larger meaning or purpose.

2. Lots of people nowadays obsess to be healthy but they only focus on psychically healthy, not mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Take my friend as an example, she always goes to the gym and she gets s really good body shape. However, she feels so stressful and lonely. Since she gives herself too much pressure on getting a perfect body. She needs to control her diet and cannot eat the food she likes. Also, she does not have any buddies going to the gym with her so she feels very lonely and sad. Fortunately, she finally notices that she cannot give herself too much pressure and keep balance on her mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

3. I think it is meaningless if people cannot get psychosocial health. Since psychosocial health means being good on feelings, relating, being and thinking. If people cannot stay balance between those elements, they cannot get the real health and happiness. Therefore I think it is very important for schools to input psychosocial health to students since they are small.

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