it critical analysis

Critical Analysis

  1. Please compare, contrast, and provide insight to some of the decisions made from ONE the following case studies’ data:
    • “City of Pittsburgh goes to the cloud: a case study of cloud solution strategic selection and deployment” OR
    • “SurveyMonkey in 2014”
  2. Be sure to make observations from all discussions and readings to date.
  3. This Critical Analysis is due on Saturday at 11:55pm Pacific in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. Please post your final case memo in the Assignments under ‘Critical Analysis’.

Critical Analysis Coaching

  1. The goal is that the process of writing the critiques will contribute significantly to your learning and understanding of the course content.
  2. Critical analysis must be a personal reflection upon what you have learned from the readings.
  3. Reflect on the business implications and management recommendations that arise from these lessons that are relevant to the topics of the segment to which the readings are assigned.
  4. A critical analysis is NOT a summary of the individual readings – you may choose to open your critiques with a short (6-10 line) paragraph that identifies the main lessons from the readings.
  5. Your critiques should integrate and analyze the lessons, arguments, similarities, contradictions, conclusions, and implications contained within and most importantly across the assigned readings for that segment’s topic.
  6. Critical analysis can be POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE. You may agree or disagree with the lessons contained in the readings, but you must support your opinion with informed argument.
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