is corporal punishment effective or not

What is corporal punishment? After defining the concept in your own words, list the punishing actions that you consider to be examples of corporal punishment.

Do you “believe in” corporal punishment? If “yes,” why? If “no,” why not?

Are there situations in which you think corporal punishment might be more or less appropriate?

Is the age of the child important in determining whether or not to use corporal punishment? Please discuss this issue, giving your opinion on how age of child impacts the decision.

If you could discipline a child just as effectively (get the same results) without corporal punishment, how would that impact your decision regarding whether or not to use corporal punishment?

What are some of the potentially negative consequences of corporal punishment? Research online, in books, and/or in articles is REQUIRED in this portion of your essay. At least three references are required here.

350 word minimum

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