Integrated Investigation Literature Review

The second part of this investigation is to layout background knowledge that your readers need to know. This requires looking at PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL articles (not websites) to find information. Use LU’s journal database (EBSCOhost, for example) to find at least 3 articles that answer the question: What is the current knowledge around my research hypothesis?What you need to do is write 3 paragraphs where you summarize the findings of 3 articles. You are obviously using your own words, but you are not doing anything else other than writing paragraph-long article summaries.BE SURE TO CITE YOUR SUPPORT USING MLA OR APA FORMATTING (I don’t care which, but you should be consistent).DO NOT USE ANY PERSONAL PRONOUNS.Save the document with your last name in the title. You can just modify your previous document if you’d like.

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