instructions are in section below and there are uploads 1

Before I start with the assignment requirement the uploaded (C8674) is the unfinished assignment that I have started working on so you will be adding to that. I will also upload information that will used to add to what I have already written on the client. I will also upload examples of how the sections are suppose to look and what should go into each section.I will upload an example of what the presenting problem is suppose to look like. I have already completed the client’s genogram but have not added it yet but you do not have to do anything with that section. The comprehensive Eco-Map may need some work on it. Information may need to be added and I am not sure if I did it the correct way. I also will include the client’s identifying information that can be used in the demographics. I also have other information of the client that need to be included in the assignment. I have uploaded it. I am also including notes from team meeting and case worker notes in recent months. The client is on the hud-vash program through the Veterans Affairs. This program allow the homeless veteran a Section 8 housing voucher. He has been on the program for three years and has had some type of issue with the apartment manager and the apartment/area he is living in. Some identifying information has been changed like client’s phone number, last four of social, etc. The last two sections need to be in narrative form: Ethical Issues, Challenges, and Decision-Making and Theoretical Foundations Used to Inform Practice Decisions, Interventions, and Approaches need some update to it. With the Theoretical Foundations Used to Inform Practice Decisions, Interventions, and Approaches here are a few approaches and theories that can be discussed in this section are; Explosive Reaction Disorder, Psycho Dynamic Approach, Systems Theory, Conflict Theory, Cognitive Behavior Theory, and Anti-social Personality Disorder.

Please pay close attention to the instructions and what all go into this assignment. I have uploaded important information that can be used. This is a case file that I have to comply on one of my client’s.




Submitted timely (.5)

Written report turned in 4/16/18

All sections addressed (.5)

All areas in syllabus included in case consultation report

Sections easily distinguished (.5)

Either by headings or sections

Section development

For section development, I am looking for information related to the topic that is complete, relevant and thorough and that you have suggested examples included

  1. Demographics (1.5)

Basic identifying information about your client whether it is an individual, family, group, program, agency, community, policy

  1. Evaluation Summary (2)

This section deals with assessment information that you are using to determine needs for your client. Psychosocial evaluation (inclusive of presenting problem, DSM 5 diagnosis if applicable & clinical impressions). You might use a SWOT analysis for macro areas looking at strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities associated with your client system.

  1. Treatment Planning/Organizational Analysis (2)

This section deals with planning for your interventions whether you are providing direct services to a client, family, or group; and also, to more macro areas. It is about the change process. What are your interventions, ideas for change, timelines? Macro areas might look at logic model process

  1. Cultural considerations (2)

This is basically the same for both direct services working with individuals, families or groups; and for organizations and communities.

  1. Comprehensive Eco-Map or community mapping (2)

Whether called eco-map for individuals & families, or community mapping used with your larger systems, the pictorial tool is looking at resources available to the client system.

  1. Genogram, macro diagrammatic chart (2)

I am looking for an example of a pictorial tool. The genogram pictures strengths of relationships an individual has. For organizations, you could basically do the same type chart showing strengths of relationship with referral sources or other agency networks; or show a client flow chart as to how clients go through your organization; you might want to organizational chart. If not used in previous sections, you could use another community mapping picture. Here again this topic is calling for a pictorial tool that reflects relationships.

  1. Ethical Issues, challenges & decision-making (3)

This should be self-explanatory. Refer to NASW code of ethics

  1. Theoretical foundations used to inform practice decisions (3)

Theories relating to direct client work are more defined than they are for the macro systems and include such theories as CBT, trauma focused care, MRT, etc. However, there are general theories such as the strength perspective, ecological perspective, evidence based or evidenced informed theory, systems theory that overlay all types of social work interventions. More macro concepts might include networking theory, resource dependence theory, looking at a community as either a resource or change or a target for change. If your client system is a program, you might want to discuss theories applied in providing direct services to clients in the program.


Presentation 15-20 minutes (2)

This includes question/answer. Could be shortened if needed

Student presents professionally (1)

Reflective of presenting in a treatment team meeting, budget hearing, employee conversation, United Way presentation, etc.

Student demonstrates knowledge of case (2)

Student know the case they are presenting, doesn’t read, maintains eye contact, can answer questions

Student actively participates in other presentations (1)

Participates in Q & A for other students. You don’t have to ask questions to every student, but you do have to participate in the question answer period. In real-life treatment team meetings, budget hearings, employee conferences, you have a 2-way discussion. While you are presenting, you are going to want others to ask you questions; so you need to be prepared to ask them some also.

Example of what the presenting problem/demographics is suppose to look like…

Example case:…

More client information:


Compliant with Case Management:Yes [ ]Excellent [X]Good [ ]Fair [ ]Poor [ ]Non-Compliant

Compliant with PCP appointments: Yes If no, Explain:

Physical/Medical Issues: No

Compliant with self/safe medication: Yes (includes getting refills/renewals on time) If no, Explain:

Last seen by PCP: February 2019 Next Appointment: not scheduled


Any current/ongoing issues: No If yes, Explain:

Probation/Parole: No

DISCHARGED FROM HUD-VASH: No Veteran will find other housing.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Team meeting on 2/28 with hud vash staff and veteran. Veterans

rights, responsibilities, and desired outcomes were discussed. Veteran was in agreement with the plan. Veteran will continue hud vash voucher and be discharged w/o case management when other housing is located due to current eviction at Park Ridge Apartments.

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