in looking at the history and evolution of the va administration system what benefits can be provided by the creation of va homeless outreach and individual vet centers within communities

The VA system has been subject to tremendous overburdening within many of their facilities nationwide. Because of this there have been new centers developed to provide the additional care that is needed for the veteran population. After reviewing the required resources for this week answer the questions:

  1. In looking at the history and evolution of the VA Administration system, what benefits can be provided by the creation of VA Homeless Outreach and individual VET centers within communities? These programs may not located near a VA treatment facility.
  2. Based on you response to question one, in your opinion: What type of additional programs do you think should be developed by the VA to benefit the served populations? Remember that the veteran population includes all ages, a diverse range of disabilities due to PTSD, amputation, burn treatment, and an aging veteran population.

Minimum of 250 words, citations and references also.

U.S Department of Veterans Affairs (n.d). History – VA history (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Retrieved from

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