How to write a book annotation that draws readers’ attention

All writers and readers know what a book annotation is. This is a brief description of the work and its content. After reading the annotation text, the potential buyer should have the most accurate literary creation idea. And ideally, he wants to buy it. To learn how to write a summary of the book, you will learn from material.

What is the importance of book annotation?

book annotationAnnotation to any book has two primary purposes. First, it talks about the content of your masterpiece and who it is addressed to. After reading this short text, the audience should know what awaits them on the book pages. At the same time, you should not strive to please everyone or the majority. The main thing is to find a way to “your” reader.

Second, a brief characterization of the literary work sells the work. Therefore, it should “hook,” intrigue, induce to know the content of your work from the first to the last page.

The advertising task of annotations helps to fulfill short, literally in a few words, excerpts from reviews of authoritative publications or recommendations of eminent authors and media people. Often in the annotation text, publishers list the prestigious awards received by the writer, report that the book has been filmed or is being prepared for adaptation for film or TV.

However, when discussing content, publishing excerpts from reviews by critics, and listing a writer’s regalia, it is essential not to overdo it. Still, the annotation should be short and concise, not detailed and lengthy.

The main thing is brevity.

book annotationBook annotation description for any book has a limited volume. Usually, the number of characters ranges from 500 to 700. But there are also texts in the range of 300–400 characters. For several such signs, you need to “have time” to briefly talk about the time and place of the action, the main character or a group of main characters, the problem or conflict, and why this should interest and excite readers.

Less often, annotations of about 1 thousand characters are written in books. In them, it is just possible to focus not only on the content but also on promoting literary creation. To inform, for example, that the author was awarded the Nobel Prize or that the film adaptation received an Oscar.

Interesting and honest book annotation

The best annotations tell the story concisely and engagingly. They draw attention to the book, promise the audience a grand adventure, food for thought, or aesthetic pleasure.

In no case should the annotation text contain false information and promises? If you promise to make you laugh, touch or amaze, these are the emotions that the person who bought your work should experience. Otherwise, he will feel cheated. And if you “threaten” to scare or shock the reader to the depths of your soul, to reveal a topic that has not been touched upon by anyone, or to revolutionize the genre, please do so.

Simple, affordable, with imagination

Accurate annotation description is always evident. Based on it, the public should already form an approximate opinion about your work. And meaningless phrases or pretentious epithets will not help in this. You should also avoid platitudes and criticalities.

The best book annotations are never dry or formal. They explain why one should prefer your workover others written in the same genre. They should have a zest. Therefore, before writing the annotation, include all your imagination. The text should be bright, lively, and, perhaps, unexpected. And, of course, without any spoilers.


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