how to run a successful business

you have to show strategies to run a successful business by using examples from question and the book methods. answer all three of the question within 500-1000 words

Online Marketing

The internet marketing site Majon International is one of hundreds of web marketing services: it offers several resources to assist in improving the presentation and delivery of products/services online. Ultimately though, the service is conceived principally to generate a profitable internet business itself.

1. Using the 4 P’s of marketing, appropriate sections of Chapter 14 (pages 565-571), and a surface review of the Majon site, briefly identify what you believe to be the key issues in online marketing and advertising, today and for the future.

2. Imagine a scenario where you had secured access to a wholesale distributor of tattoo equipment (needles, ink, sterilizers, and other accessories). Assuming that you were unable to open a physical storefront and did not have sufficient budget or access to other bricks & mortar retailers, how might you go about building a viable business? (No need to deliver more than a high-level summary.)

3. Describe how a pay-per-click model works. Using the tattoo equipment example above, indicate how you might wisely commit your advertising budget using Google Adwords (or a similar search engine).

4. Identify three examples of companies that you believe market effectively online. What do they do to attract users, communicate a value proposition, and make customers comfortable purchasing from them?

I have no pre-established guidelines for the breadth of your responses. An appropriate benchmark might be 500 – 1,000 words in total.

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