how are the senses or one sense specifically spiritual or not

“how the senses are spiritual, or not.” You can select one of the senses we have engaged in class, or put

together a more collective approach to the answer. The best approach will include an engagement

with one of the scholars/concepts as either a point of entry or a conversational partner in your

video. You should present your argument in this manner:

1. Background – Who are you? Why does this topic matter to you? Who is the scholar, and or

concept you are engaging? How does s/he present this concept?

2. Argument – A well structured argument that has: a clearly stated side; clearly defined terms,

i.e. what key terms do you need to define for your argument?; a beginning, middle, and end.

Each sentence/statement should be built off the previous. (Think, how can what I am saying

be rebutted?)

3. Explore a counter – Where are the holes in your argument? How can your argument be

argued against?

4. What is the conclusion?

(around 1500 words; use 5 sources)

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