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Data breaches continue to be one of the biggest risks facing both public and

private organizations. Generally, information technology including security

technology has continued to improve over the years to secure organizational

information assets. However, cyber-attacks have also gotten more complex

and sophisticated thereby defeating cyber-defense systems and costing

organizations. Below is a list of some of the companies that have suffered the

largest data breaches in history:




Adult Friend Finder






Heartland Payment Systems


Target Stores


TJX Companies, Inc.




JP Morgan Chase


US Office of Personnel Management (OPM)


a) Paper

Choose one company from the list above and write a paper describing impact

of the data breach it suffered, information assets which were affected and how

the cyber-attack succeeded. What was compromised for the cyber-attack to

succeed (i.e. managerial controls, technical controls, etc.)? How much risk

did that organization incur? Did the affected organization respond adequately

to mitigate incident following the cyber-attack? How involved was the

management team?

We discussed interesting topics in class like: the need for cybersecurity

programs, legal and professional issues in cybersecurity, risk management,

cybersecurity technology etc. Using that knowledge, what lessons can be

learned from that data breach? What major recommendations can you make

to improve the cybersecurity program of that organization?

The paper should be 5-7 pages in APA format, font-size 12, in Verdana font

and 1.5 line spacing. Your references should be among the 5-7 pages.



Prepare a 7-minute presentation of the data breach you researched, its

impact, a critique of the state of cyber-security program that was comprised

and major recommendations suggesting improvements in that organization’s

cyber-security program.


1. Project Report (30pts)

a) Project title & data breach description

(5 pts


b) Data breach impact and management role in mitigating cyber-risks

(5 pts)

c) Lessons learned and recommendations

(10 pts)

d) Proper use of cybersecurity concepts and terminology

(5 pts)

e) Clear and coherent writing

(5 pts)

2. Paper Presentation (20 pts)

a) Speaks clearly and uses appropriate body language

(5 pts)

b) Well defined project problem

(5 pts)

c) Critique on management role and major recommendations

(5 pts)

d) Meets time specifications of 5 minutes

(5 pts)

*** I want 8 pages for the word + 8 slides powerpoint

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