homework for mgf 1107

(see attachment)

1) LeBron James made approximately $86 million a year. On average, how much did he make per minute?

2) Imagine that you are driving your car in Mexico. As you are driving along, you notice that the speed limit

signs have numbers like 1o0 (on the highway) and 50 (in the city). As you start to speed up, you realize that

the signs are in km/hour. Unfortunately, your speedometer only reads in mi/hour. Figure out how fast you

are allowed to go if the sign says 50 km/hr.

3) The average college dorm room measures 10 feet by 18 feet.

a) Convert the measurements to inches by inches.

b) Find the area of the room in square yards.

c) Based on the ad below, how much would it cost the University to carpet a dorm room?

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