home work assignment module 4 financial accounting financial statement principles preparation and analysis

My course is Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations.

Master of Health administration.

The 4th Home Work Assignment (HWA) from the material in chapter 9A, in our text. Please complete the Assignment and post your responses to canvas.


Using the Financial Statements and notes from Harris Memorial Hospital and Harris Community Foundation found in Appendix 9A of our text, please identify the following values:

  • 2007 Current portion of long term debt __________
  • 2007 Net patient service revenue __________
  • 2007 Change in cash and cash equivalents __________
  • 2007 Repayment of long term debt __________
  • 2007 Net Assets __________
  • 2007 Charity care __________
  • 2007 Employee compensation __________
  • 2007 Change in unrestricted assets __________
  • 2007 Board designated funds __________
  • 2007 Depreciation __________
  • 2007 Purchase of plant and equipment __________
  • 2007 Unrestricted net assets __________
  • 2007 Pension cost __________
  • Harris Memorial Hospital and Harris Community Foundation’s medical malpractice insurance coverage can best be described as:
  • Self-insured __________
  • Claims Maid __________
  • Claims occurred __________
  • None of the above __________

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