hilton case

Hilton Section (my section)

-You decide to open a hotel. What are the pros and cons of having a franchise-owned location (e.g. Ramada) vs. owning your own location (e.g., MKT Hotel)?

-Franchisor/Franchisee relationships can often be contentious. How can franchisors best influence their franchisees to adhere to standards without being “heavy handed” in the relationship?

Project 2 – Case

Each group will be responsible presenting a case for their date assigned in the schedule. As each case is by definition different, I will post several questions unique your case under your Group tab in the People section on Canvas to help focus the presentation. Be sure to answer all of these, but also to go beyond these as you will have great ideas and insights. Be critical or approving of choices and back up your claims. What are alternative decisions you would have made? How would you move forward?

Please note, the best way to earn an F on this project is to regurgitate the case info and call that a presentation. I can read the case. The presentation should go to a much higher level and at least answer all the questions I send you. The more restatement of the case in the presentation, the lower the grade.

You will serve as discussion leaders for the case you are assigned. You will create a PowerPoint presentation capturing the key issues and questions of the case and lead the class through it. We will do this in a seminar-style where you will shape the discussion and as a class (with me chiming in periodically); we will discuss the case in detail and apply it to what we are learning. Please engage the class frequently. You will have made many choices based on sound logic. Did they come to the same conclusions? Did they use the same logic to get there? Please do NOT do this as a series of questions at the end. We will all share thoughts at the end, however, I want you to engage the rest of us at all points of the presentation to make this a constructive dialogue. You may include as many or as few slides as you wish.

Also, as the cases are by their nature backward looking, you only need to discuss the case AS LISTED in the case. If things have changed since the case was written, you are welcome to provide an update, but it is NOT necessary.

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