help me to write an essay about sociology 4


This past week we have been focusing on gender. Gender is a fundamental social division. All around us we see differences between men and women (and girls and boys). The way they dress. The activities they engage in. What they say. What they want out of life. We see gender differences in the college classroom — who tends to major in what subjects? We see gender differences at the workplace — who tends to hold positions of power and authority? We see gender differences in the home — who tends to do the majority of housework? These social arrangements, which create and sustain gender differences, end up having powerful effects on the lifestyles and life chances of individuals.

Are we ever not doing gender? From the moment we wake up until we go to bed, it seems like we are constantly doing gender. For this essay, I want you to walk me through a small segment of your day (when you wake up, when you walk to class, when you eat lunch, when you shop, when you drive or ride the bus, when you go out on a date, when you attend religious ceremonies, when you watch movies with friends, etc). Do not describe your whole day, but rather, choose some small segment (a strip) of your life to describe. During that small segment of your day, in what ways are you doing gender? How are you displaying your gendered identity? Given the situation you find yourself in, how are you conforming — or not — to gendered expectations of behavior? As you write up your response, please reference and integrate into your essay the reading by West and Zimmerman “Doing Gender” and/or Judith Lorber’s “Night to His Day”

Your finished essays must be 500-600 words in total.

Let me tell you something about me because this article needs to be written about me. I am a international student in University from China. I’m a Sophomore. My daily routine is to drive from my rented apartment to school. I have about two or three hours of class every day. After my class, I like to play computer games. My favorite game is league of legends. In the evening, I will cook at home. I will do some homework after dinner.

You can make up other things. But don’t go too far. The following documents are the reading materials about this essay and rubrics. Please look through them carefully. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

This is an email from my instructor about how to improve papers:

I hope you are all doing well. I have gotten a couple emails asking how to improve papers in the future so I thought I would address the concerns here.

First off, sociological papers are a different genre from murder-mystery novels. As a reader and a grader, I am not in for a last minute jump scare and reveal of your argument. Tell me at the outset what your thesis and argument is. Your thesis is your answer to your prompt- be as specific and concise as possible in your answer. Beyond your thesis, your introduction should have a rough outline of the several smaller arguments you will need to defend in order for your main argument, your thesis, to be strong. Below is an example of how I like to outline my own papers, not that that is a requirement for all of you.

Thesis: Apples are better than oranges because they are sweeter and healthier.

Paragraph 1

Topic Sentence (Apples are sweet.)

Evidence: (According to study x, apples have x grams of sugar which is within the range of sugar that is considered “sweet.”)

Commentary: (Certain groups tend to enjoy sweeter fruit which might explain apples’ popularity.)

So what?: (Here is where you talk about why this argument matters).

Paragraph 2

Evidence: (According to study y, apples are rich in a, b, and c which are great u, o, and r bodily functions.)

Commentary: While nutrition is a complicated science, it seems that apples may have medicinal properities.

Conclusion: (Continue talking about the larger implications of your argument.)

Hopefully this is helpful.

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