fundamentals of financial management

4.1. Days sales outstanding: Baker brothers has DSO of 40 days, and its annual sales are $7,300,000. What is its account receivable balance? Assume that it uses a 365-day year period

4-2. DEBT RATIO: Bartley Barstools has an equity multiplier of 4.2, and its assets are financed with some combination of long-term debt and common equity. What is its debt-to-assets ratio?

4-3 DuPont analysis: Doublewide dealers has an ROA of 10%, a 2% profit margin, and an ROE of 15%. What is its total asset turn over? What is its equity multiplier?

4-4 MARKET/BOOK RATIO:  Jaster Jets has a $10 billion in total assets. Its balance sheet shows $1billion in current liabilities, $3billion in long-term debit, and $6 billion in common equity. It has $800 million share of common stock outstanding, and its stock price is $32 percent share.  What is Jaster’s market/book ratio?

4-5 PRICE/EARNINGS RATIO: A company has an EPS of $2.00, a book value per share of $20, and a market/book ratio of 1.2x. What is its P/E ratio?

4-6 DUPONT AND ROE:  A firm has a profit margin of 2% and equity multiplier of 2.0. Its sales are $100 million, and it has a total asset of $50 million. What is its ROE?

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