financial statement analysis for starbucks

Here is the requirement of the one page analysis, since this is a group report and 2 people in our group are working on this financial statement analysis, so you only need to write one page and follow the requirements below.

To be more clear, I also attached the whole project description if you want to look at, but what you need to mention is only the financial statement analysis of Starbucks.(You don’t have to do the beta)

Financial statement analysis of starbucks using ratios o When working on this section, remember that the purpose is to analyze the firm and its financial position, not simply to calculate ratios. It is essential to make it clear in your report and presentation what calculated ratios tell you about the company and how you used this information in valuation. o You are required to perform both (i) trend/historical and (ii) benchmark analysis. You have to justify your choice of benchmark. For trend analysis, use at least three most recent years of reported data. Keep in mind that the purpose of the project is to value the company. A common mistake made by students is to spend too much time describing the company and its position and to spend very little time on valuation.

Grading guide: Financial statement analysis

– Firm and its financial position is thoroughly analyzed using trend/historical and benchmark analysis /5

– All categories of ratios employed as explained in project description /3

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