Final Project: Different Forms of Visual Agnosia (1,600 word paper)

– Discuss different forms of visual agnosia of what features those different forms have in common versus what  distinguishes them, or you could broaden your focus on a more overall  approach to causes and symptoms of visual agnosia. 

– Include sensory information in the world, how sensory organs work, and how our perceptual systems make sense of sensory information.  

-Needs to be 1,600 words paper

–  at least three peer-reviewed sources of information must be mentioned. 


Introduction: Make sure the first paragraph or couple of paragraphs clearly indicates the purpose of the project and what will be discussed.


Content Organization/ Paragraph Structure:  The key to an organized paper or presentation is well-structured  paragraphs. Make sure each paragraph focuses on a single main idea and  that the main idea is made clear in the first sentence. Next, organize  your paragraphs so that one logically flows from the next.

Paragraph Structure

Conclusion:  Your conclusion should be the last paragraph or last couple of  paragraphs. It should not introduce new information unless that  information is ancillary and merely being provided to lend support to  the concluding statements. Use the conclusion to summarize the main  points discussed in the project (although do avoid repeating yourself)  and to synthesize those main points into a parting message. The  conclusion basically refers to the purpose of the project mentioned in  the introduction in light of what has transpired over the course of the  paper or recording.

References:  Your project should cite at least three peer-reviewed sources. You will  need to include a written References section in APA style format  (attached separately if you are submitting a podcast). Written citations  must be in APA style format as well, and verbally cited sources must  mention the authors’ names and year of publication.

Rubric for Final Project



 1 pt


The  introduction establishes a clear purpose and draws the audience into  the presentation with compelling questions or by relating to the  audience’s interests or goals.


 Content Organization

 1 pt


The  content is clear and concise with a logical progression of ideas and  supporting information. The project includes motivating questions and  gives the audience a clear sense of the main idea. Keeps focus on the  topic. 



 1 pt


Conclusion clearly summarizes key information.


 Sources of Information

 8 pts


Information  from other sources is appropriately cited. Project submission is  accompanied by written references in APA format. Sources are credible,  mostly primary (not secondary), and up-to-date. At least three sources  are peer-reviewed.


 Author Contribution

 9 pts


Author  creatively enhances topic by introducing original ideas, synthesizing  course concepts and topics, and utilizing clarifying examples. Voice of  the project “sounds” like the author (the way the author would naturally  speak) rather than other sources. 

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