final project 205

  1. Final Project
  2. Using the guidelines provided in the lesson, compose your Final Project.

    For this assignment, you are required to use Ask a Librarian 24/7 Chat for helpful tips and strategies for finding at least 3 quality sources on your topic.

    • You must provide your RioLearn email address in the chat widget.
    • Include a copy of your Ask a Librarian chat transcript (copied and pasted from your email) with your paper, following the Works Cited page.
    • Projects should be typed, double-spaced, and formatted with an MLA-style heading.
    • There are two steps to submit your written projects:

      1. Upload your paper to (the plagiarism detection service).
      2. Submit your paper to your instructor below.

      See your course announcements for detailed instructions on creating an account.

    • Your work will be assessed by the following criteria.
    Criteria Max. Points available
    Content: In shaping his/her response, the student uses specific examples, uses images when needed, and cites any external content appropriately. 35
    Critical Thinking: The student demonstrates a clear understanding of the critical thinking strategies mentioned in the class. He/she demonstrates an understanding of critical thinking by discussing some obstacles to critical thinking, positive/negative critical thinking habits, how to analyze an argument, deceptive advertising techniques, fallacies, deductive / inductive reasoning and/or empirical reasoning. 35
    Application: The student applies many concepts from the course and addresses specific terms correctly. 10
    Organization: The project is clearly organized. It begins with a well-focused introduction, the body paragraphs follow logically from each other, and there is a clear conclusion. 10
    Grammar/Mechanics: The assignment has been proofread and spellchecked prior to submission. There are no errors that impede comprehension and the student includes an MLA citation for the sources. 10
    Total Possible Points 100
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