film analysis writing 3

Watch this video:

Answer this question:

Total word count: 450, write in 2 paragraph.

Did any piece of dialogue seem to you to capture the whole spirit and meaning of the film? Please provide the dialogue and explain why you think it captures so much about the film.

You will be graded on the content of your posts and the quality of your writing, so have something to say and say it clearly. In other words, posts should be substantive (much more than a sentence or two–aim for at least 200 words), should use the text (text meaning the film here, and including specific quotes or examples from it are a requirement for receiving full points), and should never just summarize or state personal opinions about the films, but should instead analyze and form claims about them (there is a big difference between “I like this movie’s comedy” and “This movie uses comedy to show….” When you respond to other students’ postings, ask questions, add nuance or more evidence to their post, or challenge ideas with your own. Simply saying “I agree with what you said” is not enough to add that element of conversation these discussions boards aim to provide.

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