event planning 1 2

Attend an event of any subfield (civic, expo/exhibit, fair/festival, hallmark event, hospitality, meeting/conference). Observe the event from an attendee’s perspective and from a planner’s perspective. Compose a 3-4 page written report on what you experience from both points of view. The report should include the following:

  • Overview of the event- What is it? Purpose? Basic details.
  • Attendee’s perspective- What did you experience? What senses were engaged? What amenities were provided to enhance the perspective?
  • Planner’s perspective- What logistics were needed? Comment on the budget for the event.
  • SWOT analysis of the even

This is the event i’ve had attended and wrote a little about it i want you to add on it and make it 3 full pages following up with the details

On Wednesday the 6th of Marsh I attended Apple Plaza circus for the first time and it was my first time ever attending such a circus in my entire life. However, the event was over all very nice and people were laughing. I went with my girlfriend and she loved it. Furthermore, people got free popcorn and they offered it in 4 different flavors but if anyone wants more they would have to pay for it.

The musician started the show with some nice music and then the animal show kicked in, we saw the horses and then the dogs doing tricks such as jumping the row and inside a circle that was sit in fire.

The speaker of the show kept everything organized by giving orders to her coworkers and kept us as well engaged and happy. In the end we saw very talented people doing flips in the air and that was my favorite part of the hall show.

To conclude, the circus was well organized and security was really good as well as finding a parking spot. The show cost me 50 dollars including parking.

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