essay peer review 2

To earn credit for this peer review, you will offer constructive, thoughtful, and insightful feedback. You will not earn credit for short, unhelpful sentences. Turn this in with your final Project Two Essay. Please Note: You must be in class to earn this points.

  • Closely read the draft in its entirety, underlining/highlighting what you believe to be the thesis and the topic sentences. Yes, do this directly on their draft.
  • After reading the entire draft, summarize the main idea of the draft briefly in your own words. Explain how you know or why you may be confused.
  • Look at the topic sentences and note whether they follow a proper organization that you can follow. Do the topic sentences all tie back to the thesis? How? Why are the topic sentences strong or vague?
  • Look at the introduction. How does the writer draw you in? Are BOTH texts introduced? If not, offer a suggestion on how to make the introduction more engaging.
  • Next, look at the conclusion. Is the conclusion merely repetitive, or does it synthesize ideas, suggest new directions of thought, and give significance to the topic?
  • Select and highlight the best phrases, paragraphs, and/or ideas in the paper. How can they be exploited more thoroughly?
  • Which paragraph was okay but wasn’t developed enough?
  • How does the writer address the rhetorical strategies throughout the essay? Provide a suggestion on how they can improve.
  • Where in the essay does the writer discuss the audience of each text? Does the location make sense, or should the discussion be reorganized?
  • Does the writer simply state what the rhetorical appeal is, or do they evaluate the strategy and how it impacts the audience? GIVE SPECIFIC ADVICE ON HOW TO ANALYZE.
  • Explain whether or not the writer effectively synthesizes their texts. If they do not, offer constructive feedback on how they can.
  • Finally, note anything this workshop outline does not cover, and just as I leave you an end comment on your papers, leave a paragraph with your final thoughts about the writer’s work.
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